Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books have always been the “go-to” for calming overzealous children; only recently has the concept been considered for adults. 

All the rage now, Adult Coloring Books seem to be an alternative method for relaxation and meditation for the hard working adult of today.

Aware of all the marketing ploys, I must admit I was not only skeptical, but judgmental. I do yoga, I’m an artist; I don’t need a “coloring book” to relax. However, on further retrospection, I realized that not everyone is an artist, many people don’t know yoga, but many of us do work our bodies to the bone for the all mighty dollar. Even if you are an artist, the pressures of having to create something from scratch is often taxing.

Stress is always looming and regardless of profession, not everyone can turn the corner with ways to relieve it. Coloring without having to think about the design or rules can be a nice change.

Art and the use of color are well-known stress relievers. Adult coloring books make the task of relaxing accessible, fun, and easy for the everyday person and artists alike. 

Tracy Campbell @ Atomic Cupcake Designs talks a little bit more about Adult Coloring Books.

Read on & don’t forget to print out her FREE Coloring Page to try.


De-Stress With Adult Coloring Pages

Feeling stressed out? Art block have you wanting to murder that piece of paper or canvas instead of turning it into something beautiful? Is your job/family/life driving you crazy? One of the best ways to de-stress, according to many studies as this trend has gained popularity, may be the soothing, repetitive movements of coloring in a picture!

Research has proven that art—the concept of creating something—is therapeutic in general, as it is a form of expression that can often pick up where mere words leave off. Creating and expressing through art helps us de-stress, and can even alleviate symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as give us a general sense of relaxation and peace.

So how does coloring a simple coloring page help us to de-stress? Coloring forces us to focus our attention on the single task at hand, allowing our other worries and fears to fall as a distant priority. It also acts as a grounding element, anchoring us to the here and now and preventing us from thinking too much about the past or the future, while adding a visual element to replace negative or anxious thoughts and images in our mind. Dr. Stan Rodski, a cognitive neuro-scientist from Melbourne, Australia with over 30 years experience, monitored the effects of coloring during a study and saw changes in heart rate, breathing, and even brain waves that suggested how powerful the effects of such a simple task can really be.

With this in mind, no wonder the popularity of adult coloring books has soared over the past few years! Today, two adult coloring book titles rank among the top 100 bestselling books on (among all bestselling book genres).

Still skeptical? Give it a try! Before you go out to purchase your own adult coloring book, you can try it out with this free adult coloring book page, created by Atomik Cupcake Designs





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