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DIY LightBox

  One of the biggest missions to overcome in a young entrepreneurs life is the dreaded perfect picture. You don’t have enough money to hire someone to take your pictures and you don’t have time to photoshop every shot because…
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Craft Fair Preparation

Taking your little business to the next level can be very difficult. You know, from making $20 a month to like $100. (all my Etsy entrepreneurs know what I’m talking about) If you’re a crafter (new word) then you know that…
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Spotlight Julia Powell

JULIA POWELL  In my constant search for artistic inspiration, I can say I hit the jackpot with Julia Powell’s work. Her vision of the everyday landscape transports the viewer to a magical world of color and possibilities. Julia Powell’s work…
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Lowe ART Museum

This year, in an attempt to stay artistically inspired, I’d like to dedicate the first weekend of every month to museum exploration. After all, I’m a Bank of America card holder and well, the perks are endless! Actually, for those…
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Justyna Gadek

 FEBRUARY 2016 EDITION JUSTYNA GADEK Born in Poland, Justyna knew from a very young age that art was her calling. Her work is raw and full of emotion. Splashes of intense color impact the viewer creating an unforgettable story. Abstract…
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Vermont Vacation

Winters in Vermont are fabulous! It may seem to many as strange that a curly haired Floridian would find such low temperatures so appealing, but snow is such a magical thing! And said Curly Hair was born for cold temperatures….
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Spotlight Ann Mari Reigstad

Ann-Mari Reigstad– Illustration has been a part of our culture in so many ways. Since the dawn of technology, illustration has taken new turns both in the dramatic as well as in the complex.  However, we still have wonderful illustrators that…
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