Are crafting creatives artists?

Are Crafting Creatives Artists?

Crafting Creatives
People now a days are hungry for self expression. Artistic tools serve a great purpose in the lives of those searching for their creative voice. Usually, its best to start small; pick up a hobby at the local craft store. Take a few classes here and there, mostly, you practice everyday until it’s a part of your life. At what point do you go from simple crafting to officially an artist? Are crafting creatives artist? When would you be considered an artist versus just a crafting creative?Feathers

Traditionally, an artists would go to school, strictly and specifically, to master a certain craft. Whether it be painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, or architecture, artist know their craft almost to perfection. They obsess over their style and create mainly with one type of medium. Artist tend to study early versions of their type of art and learn from classic techniques to create their own style. They may explore outside of their medium, but artists tend to favor one and are passionate about it. Materials can be costly and criticism high.

Crafting is all the rage right now. In contrast, it is very affordable and accessible to the public. It’s lawless and loose; inviting with no restrictions or limitations. Most importantly, you don’t have to have a degree to master it. It includes activities such as scrap-booking, art journaling, mix-media projects, quilting, yarn work, even wood-working. It invites a novice to pick up foreign tools and make something. Many people new to the creative process, start crafting as a hobby to build creativity, ease anxiety, and both stimulate and strengthen brain activity. However, what starts off as a hobby turns into a passion and many times a business for these beginners.

Handmade Bird HouseThe question lately seems to be, are crafting creatives artists? Is the little handmade bird house you made considered art? Are your art journals masterpieces? And if so, do they minimize the value and quality of the art created by the so called “real” artists?

What’s wonderful and so appealing about art is that it is very subjective. It really brings forth the subtle varieties of the individual beholder. No two perspectives are alike and art shines a bright light on this.

As an example I’ll use my latest museum trip to better showcase my point. I took my sister and mother to a contemporary show at Perez Art Museum in Miami Fl. Contemporary pieces tend to be out of the norm and are created to express an opinion and make the viewer think outside the box in order to interpret the work of art.

I was utterly fascinated! I was trying very hard to immerse myself in the world of each of the artists in display. I wanted to connect and hear the message through the visuals before me. My mother and sister, on the other hand, spent the entire time questioning the world of art and how anything so absurd could even be on display. I could say they were wrong.That the work is a masterpiece for the mind; a puzzle meant to be put together by the soul. I would’ve wasted my breath. They had fun, making fun of the work. To them, these “artists” were a joke and if they wanted to, they could waste their time coming up with crazy things to display too and call it art.

handmade jewelryThe creative process and its result are very personal, both to the creator and the viewer. Art can be anything as long as an emotion can be attest to it. I say, if you pour your heart into your creation, what ever that may be, then you are an artist. Not everyone will connect with your piece or your creation. Some works of art may not be that deep. Nevertheless, as a maker you give of yourself to your creation and that makes you an artist. However, what you made has no precedence on another artists’ work and vice versa. Because “art” is in the eye of the beholder, what you made may make a huge impact on someone or it may not. That is the same with anything anyone has ever or will ever make. Not everyone loves the Mona Lisa, yet so many love a Picasso. Unicorn Mug

Don’t ever sell yourself short. Most of the time we tend to be our worst critics. Whatever you made, showcase it with immense pride. Not many have the courage to make something from scratch and put themselves out there. You did! That’s a cause for celebration! Artist create with their hearts on their sleeve. Your work is an extension of you. Whether it be a handmade birdhouse, a postcard, or a gallery wrapped painting, if you made it, then it’s worthy of being called “art”. 




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