Creative Artists Wanted

Calling All Artists

creative artists wanted

Creative Artists 

Calling all creative artists for special spotlight feature. We know that artists and creative entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to promote their work. So we are calling all artists to feature this year!

Let us do this for you!

An entire month of FREE advertisement and promotion of your work on social media and on this blog. 


The feature will run for an entire month 

Artwork and links will be displayed on TonicARTistry’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram

Want TonicARTistry to display your art year round? Contact us for more details.


Creative artists are not just painters, they are jewelry designers and makers of all kinds.

Let Tonicartistry feature your creative work!

We’ll display your creations on our special Instagram account t.ART Creatives, in addition to all of our other social media accounts.


Download our PDF for more information!

Artist Spotlight Feature

Then Contact Us!



t.artcreatives on instagram

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