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Being a creative with a business to run can be tricky without loosing your sanity or compromising your creative flow. Real Estate Adviser and Creative Entrepreneur,  Mark Davis, writes about what works for his business and how his natural creativity easily boosts the more boring business side of things.

Now that social media tends to rule all, it is nevertheless essential to engage, especially for business growth. What role does creativity play in all this? Furthermore, can creativity boost your business’ potential?

Read below as Mark talks more on the subject of creativity in business. 

Creativity in BusinessTeam Davis Florida Realtor Mark A. Davis on TonicArtistry and Creativity in Business

For most of us, our creative side and our more logical and business sides rarely ever coincide. However, more and more has becoming a creative business professional taken on a new meaning. And that means more opportunity, more networking, and more of the bottom line for those entrepreneurs willing to delve deeply into their creative minds.

As we begin 2017, we are bombarded by all sorts of media….on television, on radio, on the big screen, and on the Internet. It’s often tiring….to listen to the advertisements, watch the commercials, sleep through the infomercials, and wade through the endless parade of online goop, gossip, news, lies, rumors, pictures, data, infographics, tweets, twits, hacks, advice, adwords, messages, emails, e-vites, and enigmas. Sounds like a lot, right? Well….there you have it. In order to survive the 21st century as an entrepreneur, you must have the backbone and mental back office to navigate this myriad of Internet mish-mash. But being able to do this….with the necessary dollip of creativity…..might just propel you and your company to business success.

Business Tips

I have found that carefully combining creative flair with relevant business acumen, seems to work very well…..especially online. The online super space has become the playing field for everything, including business. I’ve been in education, elite athletics, theater, and now real estate. And I will suggest that, without question, a successful real estate agent, broker, or investor will use strategies, advertising, and thought channels that combine creativity with hard facts.

To be successful in real estate in 2017 and beyond, it seems like, you better be Internet savvy, book smart, a relationship builder, and a finely-tuned creative maven. I have found that Facebook ads, for example, are seen and read by more folks when they include a colorful picture. Yellow page advertisements get more traffic when they include some snazzy cartoon or graphic. Etsy, Amazon, and every single online store encourages vendors to use big, colorful ads to sell their products. And, as a new real estate agent in sunny Florida, all of my marketing includes some sort of graphic, picture, cool tagline, or silly cartoon. This stuff works….it really works. And I must reach into my creative bag of tricks everyday…..keeping my content fresh, my perspectives relevant, and my customers engaged.

Tips on Creativity

Be creative, be spontaneous, be authentic. And most of all….be truly yourself. Because if you are reading this blog, then you are probably of the creative breed… artist, a purveyor of color, of contrasts, and of things we love to look at, touch, smell, and read. Don’t be afraid to break new ground, to try new things, and to use that creative right side of your brain. Better yet…connect with Tonic Artistry on social media, and then connect with me. I’m here in South Florida working to help hard-working folks buy the home of their dreams. I work in both residential and commercial real estate…and can help with buying and selling, renters and buyers, and everything in-between. I’m on all social media platforms @teamdavisfl, and my real estate landing page is .

Thanks for reading my blog post. Most of all, thanks for stopping by TonicARTistry.

Let’s be our best creative and entrepreneurial selves in 2017.


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