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One of the biggest missions to overcome in a young entrepreneurs life is the dreaded perfect picture. You don’t have enough money to hire someone to take your pictures and you don’t have time to photoshop every shot because you have a day job.

The other day while browsing the many corners of the web, I came across this amazing video to make my very own light box. (Check out more about it here)

What is a light box? It’s a box, that lights up an item from many angles to reduce shadows. It creates an image that is professional and requires little if any photoshop or adjusting.

Here’s what you do.

1. You need a nice sized box. I say a box that is square shaped would be best. At least 2’x2′

2. Tape up the edges of 3 outer walls of the box (Like I did on mine with blue tape).

3. With box cutter, cut the inside of the “blue” tape, leaving only the blue tape.

4. Grab some white tissue paper and tape the paper on the hole you just created along side the blue tape.

5. Repeat this on 3 walls you cut.

6. Place a white flexible board inside the box.

7. Using two lights, turn them on, and shine one on each side of the box

8. Place an item in your box and take AWEMAzing Pictures.


IMAG6784 (1)



IMAG6788There you have it!

The box, if you don’t have one lying around, should cost about $2.00 and the tissue paper at the dollar store is usually about $0.75 or less. And if you don’t have tape, the dollar store can provide that for you along with the white board. You’re looking at a $4.75 investment for an item that will create beautiful images without hassle. Images that hopefully will inspire someone to love it so much they’ll buy it.

If you built it, share it with me!



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