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I have a great little Etsy shop and I love to include free items with my orders.

Everyone loves free stuff. So, with every order, I ship a set of these small yet very colorful tags. They are hand made. Most of all, each one is like a little piece of art. The recipient may use them as a bookmark, an art journal tag, a scrapbook add on, a note card, a gift tag, or simply display them as actual little pieces of a painting. I make a bunch at a time and group them. Then, I wrap them with white tissue paper and stamp the front. They look very sweet and professional. 

These little tags are a mixed media wonder. They are created with a variety of fun materials.

Below is a small list of the things you can use to create yours.


  • watercolor
  • inks
  • acrylic paint
  • stencils
  • colorful papers
  • modeling paste
  • stamps


A little tip if you use modeling paste: make sure it is fully dry.  layer with some wax.

Inspired completely by Balzar Designs. 


What do ya’ll think? 

Please share this idea and if you have an Etsy shop share your shop with me here. I may choose your shop to feature next! 



Gift TagsGift Tags
Gift Tags


Gift TagsGift Tags


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