Highly Productive Artists

highly productive artists

How to Become A Productive Artist

Happy New Year from us here at TonicARTistry.

The new year calls for resolutions to issues we couldn’t resolve the year before. Is becoming a more productive artists on your list?

For about a year now, I’ve offered my blog as a means for artists to showcase their art and talk about their process.

Productivity is a big topic.

In today’s world, being an artist is not a one dimensional thing. Not only do you have to create, but you have to promote and sell your image and your work, most of the time on your own, to be successful. There needs to be a level of discipline to stay on task.

Artists can all agree, that staying productive is difficult. All you want to do is create stuff. Many of us have day jobs, though, and creating is our side hustle.

So, when you have a thousand other things to do besides create and promote your business, how on earth do you stay productive?

Productive Artist Have These Things In Common

  • A Designated Creative Space– Whether its put together, color coded & organized or just a complete mess, every artist I’ve spoken with has a designated space to create. It could be an entire section of their home, a separate art studio, or a nook in their kitchen; one thing is for certain, to be a productive artist you must have a sacred art space just for creating.
  • Time– Dedicated and productive makers carve out a slice of their day for making shitznitz happen. Even when creating for your small business isn’t your full time job, productive artists choose a time of the day strictly for their craft. Many are early risers, the 6am types. It’s quite romantic really. They wake up before the sun rises, brew a cup of coffee or tea, and walk over to their table and start creating. However, for the rest of us whose bodies refuse to get up at the crack of dawn, the afternoons seem more do-able. Whether you’re an early rooster or a night owl, make time to make stuff daily. You’ll find relief in knowing that it doesn’t have to be hours to find a return on the investment. Investing 10 to 30 minutes a day is enough to stay on task and achieve your goals.

Productive Artists Cultivate These On The Daily

  • Creative Spark– For many creatives, that spark must be cultivated. Usually it ignites from moments of relaxation and peace. Apart from the time to create, productive artists have moments in their day specific for cultivating creativity. These moments are meditative and crucial to clear the mind of gutter and grime. Many productive artists use their breakfast time as note taking sessions where they jot down ideas for future projects. Others use the time they spend exercising to relax and allow their minds to ignite that creative spark. The theme seems to be that a relaxed and clear mind has a greater potential to spark new ideas and stay creative. Hence, to stay productive you must relax.
  • Passion- Productive artists and entrepreneurs love what they do. The money is not their main focus, although it is the end result. Productive artists have a passion to create. They have to. It’s a part of their DNA. If they don’t create they disintegrate to nothingness. (ok that’s extreme) Nonetheless, productive artists have an undying passion to make things and share those creations with the world.

Productive Artists Also Create This

  • Support System– Whether its family, friends, social media, fans or a combination, productive artists have a support system in place that motivates and encourages them to follow the course. I noticed that not only is this a major part of being a productive and successful artist, but it is a system, carefully crafted and curated by the artist. Not all support systems are created equal and each artist must pick and choose which friends and family members to reach out to when they need support or encouragement. The same applies for social media. Though, in a pinch, productive artists become their own cheerleaders; leaving notes around as motivation to remind them that they are awesome.

In Conclusion, if productivity is an issue, apply some of these ideas to your day and watch how it affects your creative process.

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Habits of Productive Artists

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