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Ann-Mari Reigstad

Illustration has been a part of our culture in so many ways. Since the dawn of technology, illustration has taken new turns both in the dramatic as well as in the complex. 

However, we still have wonderful illustrators that gear their art with simplicity and class. AnnMarie is one of these artists. AnnMarie’s art is genuine in its composition. It’s effortless and clean, meticulous in its detail and invigorating in its subject matter. Read along as this artist, residing in Bergen Norway, talks about her process and what inspires her. She throws in a few tips on how we can improve our creative process as well. 


  1. When and how did you get involved with art?

I’ve been creative my whole life and constantly working on different projects. Drawing has been my favorite. I’ve studied drawing and painting in high school, and illustration two years after.

  1. How did you develop your style?

I think my style is constantly developing and always changing, because I try new things, which keeps me motivated and inspired.

  1. Is art your full time job?

My dream is to have art as a full time job. But currently I study art history and have a part time job.

  1. What does your daily routine look like?

My days are different during the week. Some days I study and some days I work. But I always try to draw or create something every day.artjournal2

  1. What are your favorite art supplies?

My favorite art supplies are Promarkers, watercolors and white acrylic paint.

  1. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere, it can be beautiful color palettes, books, photos, new art supplies or simply a rainy day.  And of course Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are filled with inspiration. But sometimes it can be overwhelming when searching the internet for inspiration, it’s just so much pretty stuff!

  1. How is your studio or art space organized?

I try to have most of my art supplies displayed on my desk. This makes the process easier when I can see all the markers, paint, and pencils. I also have a desk with my mac and printer. My inspiration wall is constantly changing, with different pictures, sketches, and postcards.

  1. What do you do before you start a piece/ journal entry/ or sketch?

I usually start with a cup of coffee and find the art supplies that I need, and then the fun begins!

  1. If and/or when you feel frustrated with a piece, what do you do to get out of that funk?

I try to move on to the next page to start something new. Often I also work on several pages at a time. That makes the process easier, and I get new ideas. But if that doesn’t work, I’ll put on my sneakers and go for a walk.

  1. What advice would you give to a young artist aspiring for a career in art?

Try different techniques to find your style, enjoy the process and believe in yourself.

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