Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Gift GuideLast Minute Gift Guide

The best gift you can ever give an artist or creative is to purchase their items. If you’ve already done that, it seems like the next step would be to gift them something from a fellow creative.

If you’re like me though, holiday day shopping is a thing to do at the very last minute. In the spirit of the season, here’s a Last Minute Gift Guide for that creative in your life.


1. A Set of Brushes-  Not just any brushes, vintage brushes. I have a huge collections of used brushes. The fact that I’m saving the planet just a little bit while I conjure up the talent of the brushes’ previous owner, is very inspiring.Last minute gift guide Any artist or creative will appreciate the history and wear on a good brush. Check out these beauties on Etsy. Justyna Mrugala curates vintage and used pieces on her shop. Browse through and maybe you’ll find other treasures for that artist in your life. 

2. Scarves- Who doesn’t love a gorgeous scarf. scarfThese scarves from the SHOVAVA Etsy shop are to die for. Looking at them is like viewing a painting and wearing them must be like a dream. I don’t own one yet (key word there). The designs are unbelievable. Most resemble bird feathers, therefore you almost seem to fly when you place one on your shoulders. Feel like you can accomplish anything, with one of these soaring pieces.  


3. Art Bag– I need inspiration everywhere, mostly when I travel. It’s a need to stay motivated to work on your craft even when out of the studio. Having a cute accessories bag is a basic necessity. Check out the awesome designs by my friend Danielle at Nox and Quills Creative 

bag. This design in my favorite! Heck yeah! Keep Sh*t Fresh with this motivational bag!


4. Cup- How can I create if my coffee or tea is coming out of some boring cup? My amazing and very talented friend, Jenny Frith is an illustrator. She focuses on animals. cupHer Etsy shop just released a series of cups with her animal illustrations on them. Her baby deer is my favorite. Coffee never tasted so sweet. 


5. Quotes- Collecting inspirational and motivational quotes has been a hobby of mine for some time now. However, empowering quotes art quotesnever seemed necessary until I started getting serious about my art business. Empower that creative soul on your holiday shopping list with one of these fun yet powerful quotes with illustrations from LolitaARTPrints .

6. Jewelry- Continuing on that empowering kick, get your artist a gorgeous bracelet that will inspire him or her to the next level. Most of all, gemstones have unique properties that can illuminate and expand the mind for bigger and better projects. I hardly ever take off my gemstones. gemstone jewelryThey definitely keep my creative juices flowing. Take advantage with the mega sale I’m having in my Etsy shop and get your artists some creative jewelry today! 

7-Books- Vintage books are such a classic gift to give. I have a huge collections of them and I never get tired of searching for the next old art book to add to my shelf. They are a never ending resource of creative innovation. You’d think not due to their age, but they are. As a creator, you seek ideas from everywhere, especially the past. Gift your creative a set of old art books. My favorite series last minute gift guideis from the Walter Foster collection. Etsy Shop Velvet on the Page has a great set. 

8-Tech Gear- Listening to music while you create go hand in hand. I love these portable handmade speakers from RareBirdOakland. speakerNot only are they super cute, but they are made of up-cycled materials. 

9-Plants- Succulents are all the rage right now. Honestly, I am OBSESSED with them. I have an entire garden section dedicated to my tiny pots of succulent varieties. Collecting rare and unique types can turn into quite the hobby. Give your artist or creative a succulent this year from one of my favorite Etsy shops SucculentsandMore1. They create these deliverable baskets of succulents you can choose from to ship out to your loved ones. It’s really an succulentsamazing gift to receive. Plus they are really easy to care for.

10. Planner- This is my ultimate favorite item on this list. It’s taken me years to find the perfect planner for an artist. Really it’s because I’m very picky. I don’t like spiral notebooks and the lay- out has to be just right. This planner is the BEST! First of all, it is a planner without lines, with goals, and a 30 day challenge!. Oh my! 2017 is planning out to be a fantastic year thanks to Ink and Volt planner. It’s a little expensive for my taste, but totally worth it. And the creative in your life will be infinitely grateful.  













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