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Creativity in Business by Mark Davis

Team Davis Florida Realtor Mark Davis on Creativity in Business for Tonicartistry

Being a creative with a business to run can be tricky without loosing your sanity or compromising your creative flow. Real Estate Adviser and Creative Entrepreneur,  Mark Davis, writes about what works for his business and how his natural creativity easily…
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A Guide To Cleaning Up Your Social Media

Guide To Cleaning Up Your Social Media on TonicARTistry

Social Media was fun back in the day. In what is now a very distant past, you would log on and chat with some old buddies; scroll through your feed and laugh at that cute bunny video your bestie posted….
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Highly Productive Artists

highly productive artists

How to Become A Productive Artist Happy New Year from us here at TonicARTistry. The new year calls for resolutions to issues we couldn’t resolve the year before. Is becoming a more productive artists on your list? For about a…
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