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Spotlight Melinda Isaacs

artist's spotlight tonicartistry

If you’re looking for classic and elegant design, then this lady right here would be the gal for the job. Her web designs are gorgeous! You can tell, by browsing her website, that she’s fond of the crisp & clean….
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Lowe ART Museum

This year, in an attempt to stay artistically inspired, I’d like to dedicate the first weekend of every month to museum exploration. After all, I’m a Bank of America card holder and well, the perks are endless! Actually, for those…
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Spotlight Ann Mari Reigstad

Ann-Mari Reigstad– Illustration¬†has been a part of our culture in so many ways. Since the dawn of technology, illustration has taken new turns both in the dramatic as well as in the complex.¬† However, we still have wonderful illustrators that…
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