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An Artist on Hiatus

An artist on Hiatus

An Artist on Hiatus Hello world, I’m back. Many of you out there didn’t even notice or care, but I’ve been radio silent for months. An artist on hiatus. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. On occasion, I have shared funny…
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Spotlight Elaine Stephenson

Bouquet Painting by Elaine Stephenson Artist on the Spotlight Feature TonicARTistry

Another year that’s moving along at a rapid pace. Seems like 2017 brings with it some exciting stuff. Before it gets too crazy, lets re-visit our December 2016 Spotlight Feature. Elegance and feminine grace is what you’ll find in Elaine…
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I Wanna Be Original by Jackie Case

Guest Blog Post Jackie Case

Welcome to the First Guest Blog Post of 2017! An original piece by Jackie Case, a wonderful illustration artist. Read on as she breaks down the creative process of producing authentic and original work.  Enjoy! & make sure to give…
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Highly Productive Artists

highly productive artists

How to Become A Productive Artist Happy New Year from us here at TonicARTistry. The new year calls for resolutions to issues we couldn’t resolve the year before. Is becoming a more productive artists on your list? For about a…
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Tracy Campbell


  If you’re looking for fun designs from a carefree artist, then Tracy Campbell is your gal. Truly a cool chica, her cartoons and tattoos remind you not to take life so seriously. Although she does create art with deeper…
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Creativity- 5 Thoughts Holding Yours Back

5 Thoughts Holding Back Your Creativity

5 Thoughts Holding Back Your Creativity As humans, artists, and creatives, we are always struggling with internal dialogue. We find ourselves listening or tuning out that annoying little voice. For most of us, this voice lacks words of encouragement. It…
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Spotlight Melinda Isaacs

artist's spotlight tonicartistry

If you’re looking for classic and elegant design, then this lady right here would be the gal for the job. Her web designs are gorgeous! You can tell, by browsing her website, that she’s fond of the crisp & clean….
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Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

      Inspirational quote for this week. It seems to have been really liked on Facebook so I’ll share it further. Feel free to use this as a wonderful reminder that you were made to create. In the literal…
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