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Creativity in Business by Mark Davis

Team Davis Florida Realtor Mark Davis on Creativity in Business for Tonicartistry

Being a creative with a business to run can be tricky without loosing your sanity or compromising your creative flow. Real Estate Adviser and Creative Entrepreneur,  Mark Davis, writes about what works for his business and how his natural creativity easily…
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Creativity- 5 Thoughts Holding Yours Back

5 Thoughts Holding Back Your Creativity

5 Thoughts Holding Back Your Creativity As humans, artists, and creatives, we are always struggling with internal dialogue. We find ourselves listening or tuning out that annoying little voice. For most of us, this voice lacks words of encouragement. It…
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On Salvador Dali

   The Dali Museum…have you been here yet? It’s definitely one of the treasures of Florida, and if a sink hole were to swallow it whole, it would go down in history as equivalent to a Greek tragedy; I bet…
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