Hemp oil as a Facial Oil

Hemp oil as a Facial Oil

Posted by Ani on Dec 15th 2019

Hemp Oil as a Facial Oil 

When you become a parent your self-care dwindles down close to nothing. Especially, when you have little ones. I am the foster mom of 3 great girls all ranging in ages. Between the lack of sleep, stress, and anxiety I was facing day to day, I was lucky if I remembered to wash my face. 

Living in South Florida does not help my skin If I am not an active participant in its care. I wanted something that was low maintenance that would take care of my skin with-out hassle. 

A friend recommended I try hemp oil. It has some great properties to reduce puffiness, relax lines, and keep moisture in the skin. A few drops will do. 

Purchase yours at this local Floridian store, American Reading Glasses. They specialize in reading glasses, but the owner fell in love with the powerful properties of hemp oil and decided to share what he has discovered with all his customers, family, and friends. They bottle their hemp oil in their FDA approved facility. Organic with no additional additives, just pure hemp. You can add other essential oils to it. I love to add a little vitamin E to my bottles. 

Self-Care Routine 

My daily self-care routine (day and night) looks something like this now:

1. Brush my teeth

2. Moisturize my curly hair

3. Wash my face with a mild facial soap

4. Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer 

5. Hemp-Oil on the face to lock in moisture

6. Oil up fingernails 

7. Moisturize Skin

Take the time to develop a routine. That way regardless of how many kids you end up with or what is happening in your world you'll naturally fall into your self-care routine. Let me know if you have any questions and share your self-care routine with me. 

Remember, don't wear yourself thin. Nurture yourself.